VecTop is a corpus of contextualized word embeddings labeled with topics and sub-topics. The cosine similarity predicts the topic and sub-topic labels by identifying the topics that are most closely related to the text that is being extracted from. It is therefore possible to automatically extract the topics of an unkown text and label it.

Simply put: VecTop searches through its text collection, identifying topics by comparing which texts are the most similar to your own.

Extract Topics

VecTop is used by the Bundestags-Mine, an analysis tool for German governmental data powered by Natural Language Processing and AI.

Legal VecTop functions in the same way as VecTop, except that it uses a legal corpus to locate references to your input text rather than extracting topics. These sources consist of various laws, articles, and other materials which aid you in your research.
Currently, Legal VecTop is only available in the German domain.

Extract References